Real Estate

Advise clients on policies, laws on land and real-estate trading law including businesses of developing new urban areas, housings, urban, industrial infrastructure, hotels, offices for lease, real-estate trading services (such as brokerage, real-estate exchange, real-estate appraisal)…

Advise clients, draft dosser and support investors with the necessary procedures to deploy real-estate trading plans, including but not limited to:

o   Apply for investment policy approval;

o   Location approval;

o   Planning agreement;

o   Compensation for site clearing;

o   Land retrieval;

o   Apply for Investment Registration Certificate;

o   Actual land handover;

o   Sign land lease agreements;

o   Perform  financial obligations;

o   Apply for land use rights certificate;

o   Apply for construction permit;

o   …

Advise clients on matters relating to construction activities (basic, civil constructions…), making bids pursuant to current legal regulations; Review, assess, advise, and make  recommendations based on legal elements of the construction contract and relevant matters.

Advise clients and draft capital mobilization documents: investment cooperation agreements; business cooperation agreements; deposit agreements; loan agreements…

Advise clients and draft agreements to purchase/sell apartments/mansions;

Advise clients and draft apartment management regulations;

Organize apartment meetings, Board of Management elections…

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