Legal retainer service

Legal retainer service is a legal consultancy service that is periodical, constant and frequent in nature where the Lawyer shall directly serve the enterprise and assist its business activities.

Free of charge services:

  • On the basis of the Client’s request, Inteco shall provide (by email) to the Client legal documents issued by the Vietnamese government.
  • For avoidance of doubt, Inteco will be obligated to provide documents issued by the Central agencies. Within Inteco’s capacity, and not as a binding obligation, Inteco will provide to the Client documents issued by local authorities. Documents provided by Inteco are non-condifential and are allowed to be disclosed and/or publicized by the issuing authority.
  • Within limits and as time would allow it, Inteco will provide the Client with explanation and analysis relating to the legal aspects of such legal documents issued by the competent agencies in Vietnam, at the Client’s request.

Charged services:

  • Provide advice and solutions/suggestions on issues of various fields such as construction; land and related matters; real estate business, buying and selling houses and apartments; infrastructure; corporate governance; internal governance and compliance, domestic and foreign investments in Vietnam; tax; labor; import and export; accounting; intellectual property; Technology transfer; dispute resolution; etc. according to the laws, policies and practices of Vietnam.
  • Any research, investigation, survey and analysis on the legal aspect of any matter shall be done at the request of the Client.
  • Draft contracts, agreements and transaction documents and/or review and make necessary modifications to ensure that contracts, agreements and transaction documents  drafted/provided/suggested by Inteco comply with Vietnamese law and provide the best protection for the maximum benefits of the Client.
  • Represent or participate with the Client in discussions, negotiations and/or meetings with state agencies (central and local) of Vietnam, other legal entities and/or individuals such as lawyers, authorized representatives to carry out actions on behalf of the Client.
  • Provide Vietnamese to English and vice versa translation services for specific documents of the Client and at the Client’s request, and
  • Assist the Client with legal consultancy matters pursuant to the Client’s request.
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