Labor laws

Labor laws

What specific contents does labor laws consultancy include?

Labor is the decisive factor in the long term development of the enterprise. Especially in the current context, high level employees are becoming more scarce and thus, recruitment has become more difficult. Our services do not stop at drafting labor contracts or settling labor disputes pursuant to the Labor Code and relevant laws, we also provide services regarding matters relating to human resources management in enterprises. Specifically:

  • Advise clients on human resources management strategies;
  • Advise clients on building an internal system of documents on the labor relationships in the enterprise that is suitable to the actual situation of the enterprise (Production enterprise, commercial, supermarket, transportation enterprises…);
  • Advise clients on legal regulations on the obligations of the enterprise to its employees and obligations enterprises in real life usually apply (often higher than or different from those prescribed in the law);
  • Advise clients on legal regulations on the responsibilities of the enterprise in cases of violations of its obligations toward the employees;
  • Advise clients on legal regulations on the minimum obligations of the employees to the enterprise;
  • Advise clients on legal regulations on the responsibilities of the employees in case they violate agreed upon obligations with the enterprise or legal regulations;
  • Draft labor contracts, Internal Labor Regulations, collective labor agreements, regimes to assess work completion, confidentiality regimes, compliance regimes…;
  • Participate in collective labor bargaining;
  • Advise clients on strategies and participate in negotiations on labor relationships;
  • Settle disputes regarding labor agreements;
  • Other matters pursuant to requests.

How is labor laws consultancy provided?

  • Our labor laws consultancy service is provided based on a strict and methodical process, which includes many steps:
  • Inspect the actual situation of the enterprise and the state of labor laws compliance, working conditions, nature, and characteristics of the employees;
  • Draft detailed plans on the scope and content of work;
  • Put the plans into action;
  • Carry out experimental application;
  • Carry out acceptance of the service.

How should the enterprise employ the service?

Depending on its choice and request, the enterprise could employ legal retainer service or consultancy service package of Inteco-Legal Practice.

For more information, please contact us via the hotline for specific instructions.

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