Finance – Banking, capital market

Finance – Banking, capital market

Banking-finance, capital market services include:

o   Review, assess the legality of loan agreements, capital funding agreements;

o   Draft loan, capital funding, mortgage agreements;

o   Assess the legality of secured transactions, collateral;

o   Participate in negotiating credit, capital funding agreements;

o   Advise clients on debt restructuring, changing the guarantee method;

o   Register foreign loans with the state bank;

o   Register changes in the loan term, loan conversion, repayment…;

o   Advise clients on stocks, bonds, convertible  bonds issuance;

o   Advise clients on building a bonds issuance plan;

o   Advise clients on Initial Public Offering;

o   Advise clients on legal regulations relevant to the conditions, methods of issuing bonds, convertible bonds; issues relating to relevant taxes and financial structures;

o   Advise clients and perform procedures to covert bonds into shares.

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