Business services

Provide consultancy on the laws of Vietnam on enterprises such as regarding: establishment, amending business registration, dissolution, bankruptcy, division, separation, merger…

Assist with the performance of procedures for establishing, amending business registration, dissolution, bankruptcy, division, separation, merger,…specifically:

·       Establish new enterprises (Joint Stock Company, Limited Liability Company, Sole Proprietorship…)

·       Amend business registration with changing of the seal

·       Switch the business type, without changing the legal representative

·       Switch the business type, with changing the legal representative

·       Amend business registration without changing the seal

·       Suspend activities of the enterprise, subordinate units

·       Establish new business locations, amend the operational contents of the business locations

·       Establish branches, representative offices

·       Amend the operational contents of branches, representative offices

·       Dissolve the enterprise

·       Cease activities of branches, representative offices

·       Cease activities of business locations

·       Draft dossiers for internal circulation: internal transfers of shares, meetings to elect members of the Board of Management, Members Council, President of the Members Council…

Review, assess, draft internal documents/papers such as: regulations, operational mechanisms, financial regulations, regulations for offices/departments such as Board of Supervisors, Board of Management…

Advise and assist clients with matters regarding the increase, decrease, transfer of capital, equitization of State enterprises, changing of the operational model, restructuring human resources, executive structure and management regimes…


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